group workshop on art in YAKKUM

A collaborative workshop from all participants at YAKKUM Rehabilitation Centre for handicap people. Located 12 kilos to the north side of Yogyakarta, YAKKUM has been an old friend for us who have done several projects together, which some of them involving the participation from Daniel Hiu (Pontianak, Indonesia), who couldn’t join this workshop session because of his sudden departure to Surabaya. For follow up workshop project with Daniel and YAKKUM already arranged in the next month agenda for electronic component workshop for all the friend at YAKKUM.

The workshop was led by Olivier, Susana and Ira; followed by the rest of participants including no.e Sakana and Jerneja Rebernak who just arrived at Yogyakarta on 1 PM. By Olivier and Susana instructions, all friends in YAKKUM were asked to write down 3 things they could do on 3 green stickies and 3 things they want to learn on 3 red stickies with their name and number tag written on the stickies. After they all written down the list, Olivier asked them to put their stickies to the board according to the subject of their wish. Gathering all the stickies created a mapping of all friends wish and capabilities.

By viewing all the stickies by their subjects and amount, Olivier divided all the friends into 4 groups consisting several friends that would like to learn, and several friends that able to teach them. The 4 groups divided by music, graphic, drama and household interest. After the groups gathered, they discussed about their own project according with their interest. The project theme given was a performance by each group at the end of the workshops. All participants joined on the discussion, facilitating all the friends with any difficulties in making their projects. After the discussion, the groups started to perform their projects with all their creativities expressed on the project.

The session was closed by a fun presentation from all the friends showing their talent in theatre, drama, poetry, costume design, script writing and instrument playing. After a fun presentation, all friends, participants gather up for a dinner together while getting to know each other.

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