workshop session in BOPKRI I high

A joint workshop session from Tengal, no.E Sakana and me in SMU BOPKRI I Yogyakarta. Tengal from Manila, Philipines presented his past project called the Gangan Series, which is an open-ended system that combines the interplay of sound and image and emphasizes the situational potential of live improvisatory performance of video and sound artists, by putting the focus on direct experience, risk-taking and personal interaction in a collective sense. Basically, it’s a composition with largely undefined portions so that the musical and visual intelligence (or unintelligence) of the players would be able to interact with each other in a highly improvisational environment.

no.e saKAna (USA) continue the session with a workshop of sound recording using Audacity, the free, downloadable audio software Audacity to the students. no.e then demonstrated the software’s basic editing and multi-track recording capabilities using the school’s gamelan instruments as a sound source, and invited members of the class to directly participate in the creation a demo song. The talk guided the volunteer students through the basic steps of setting up an audio interface between the acoustic instruments and the computer through the use of a microphone and a simple sound mixer, which ran directly into the computer’s line input.

I give a  session with a presentation about community works and was followed with a workshop about Pure Data; free software for real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video and graphical processing. The explanation I gave was about the operational of Graphical Environment for Multimedia (GEM) a video external plug-in for Pure Data. I also explained about the use of Pure Data as a tool for art work production especially graphical processing from direct audio input to generate several creative graphic using simple programming in Pure Data.

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