collaborative performance for cellsonic 2008

Performed at: Cellsbutton#02 – Yogyakarta Media Art Festival 2008

Cellsonic 2009 was held in PPPPTK; a school for art teachers and workers located 11 km north of Yogyakarta. Inside the beautiful complex lies an outdoor small circle stadium-like for art performance. The Cellsonic stage located in the centre of the stadium.

This collaborative performance was an initiative on the follow up project for Re-Vision Bangkok – 5th Asia Europe Art Camp 2008. It was initiated by Miha Horvat, Adam Sharples and Andreas Siagian, The collaboration between Miha Horvat (son:DA, slovenia), Adam Sharples (Metafunction, UK), Julian ‘togar’ Abraham (Indonesia) and Andreas Siagian (Indonesia). the music performance was curated by Andreas Siagian, a follow up project from re-VISION 5th Asia Europe art camp in Bangkok 2008. The concept of the performance is to experimentally seek the artistic composition between analog and digital audio visual through experimental media and generic technologies from each artists’ sound explorations.

In terms of sounds and visual in the digital era, most of artistic production have been limited by the technology of the country they inhabit. The advanced progress of software and hardware in the present have been a limitless options for artists to use as their tools. These situation forced artists to explore suitable technology to use as their tools in art production. The result of this situation is a diversity of creation among artist.

Adam: digital sound – Adam use recorded sound samples and compositions

Miha: analog audio visual – Miha using a camera and electrons from TV monitor to create audio visual composition.

Andreas: digital audio visual – Andreas using pure data audiovisual generator

Julian Abraham: visual composer – using pure data visual generator

pic doc:

video doc:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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