nalareksa 0.1: boys/girls [installation]

INSTALLED ON: WE ARE THE CELLS! | CELLSBUTTON#02 – Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival [Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 11-21 August 2008]


boys/girls 0.1 schematic

An analog and digital composition sound installation on an exhibition for Cellsbutton#02, 2008 in Culture Centre de France (LIP) 19 August 2008. Sample gathering process: By collecting air sample in the environment, theoretically; if gas encounters water, then some part of the gas will be absorbed to water. Eventually, there will be an equilibrium, which means the amount of elements released by the water to the air will be equal to the amount of elements that absorbed by air and water.

nalareksa0.1 2008

By placing quadraphonic ears on each tube, I simulate the environment within the tube as the sample gathering is processed. The sound then combined with sounds from pure data patches using sound from the environment creating a sound layers in the exhibition.

The exhibition was displaying the works of:

  • Julian ‘togar’ Abraham (Yogyakarta, Indonesia): pure position (intercative audiovisual installation)
  • no.e Sakana (USA) in collaboration with Leila Abuhilal (UK) and Aldy 347 (Bandung, Indonesia) : video installation and performance
  • Benny Wicaksono (Surabaya, Indonesia): experimental vj instruments (interactive installation)
  • Tengal (Phillipines): Serangga (video installation)
  • sonDA (Slovenia): Light Bulb (interactive installation)
  • Irene Stephanie (Bandung, Indonesia): Balerina (video installation)
  • Adam Sharples (UK): Is (interactive sound installation)
  • Andreas Siagian (Yogyakarta, Indonesia): nalareksa boys/girls 0.1 (interactive sound installation)

and also selected video arts screening from:

  • Luka Princic (slovenia)
  • Marko Batista (slovenia)
  • Marko Ornik (slovenia)
  • Tanja Vujinovic (slovenia)
  • Tomaz Tomazin (slovenia)


Video Documentation:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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