pure data patches PIDIP for visual

A pure data patch created for visual jockeying purpose. This patch is created by mixing native pure data objects with several chosen PDP (Pure data is Definitely in Pieces) objects. Basically PDP objects uses Quicktime player and open GL in macintosh OS X as medium to display the outputs. This patch however, has been modified to be user friendly as it could be learn and control easily for VJing purpose.

The interface is designed for the user to simply type the effect in the patch they wanted to use. After typing the effect, user could control the effects on the patch accordingly by changing the amount of number boxes, atom boxes, messages objects or selecting the types of the effects they want to apply to the video. The amount of videos used could be controlled by the slider located in controller area located on the center tops of the patch. Video controller, sound controller and open GL controller are created for the purpose of easier control of every material and environment of the user. These controller is located on left top of the patch.  Sound controller is created for the effects to interact with the sound input that could be used in order to animate or enhanced the visual accordingly by the level of the volume.

please contact me for further information about the patch.

download the patch pidip

Working using pidip need X11 on OS X. The rendering took a lot of memory from your computer. for old computer like mine (pb12″ 1.5ghz) it’s not the best option. However  developed newer method to use gem for the rendering machine of pidip and it took less memory than X11. Use the [pdptogem] object for lighter process in old computers.

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