collaborative performance for cellsonic 2009


A collaborative performance in cellSONIC dedicated to commemorate a very influential figure in Yogyakarta Art scene. Sapto Raharjo (+), known as senior artist and founding figure in contemporary gamelan music have become an inspiration to the young artists and musician in Yogyakarta and Indonesia. This performance event was held in forms of a concert as a small token of appreciation and admiration to Sapto Raharjo.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The event started with a video screening of Sapto Raharjo’s solo performance in 2005. This video was presented by Gayam community, which Sapto Raharjo built and nourished in his life. After the screening a collaborative sound performance between Desiree Aditya and Marcello Vishnoe. Both of them are known as member of a band called Nervous. Third in the line up was collaboration between DJ Bintang, Irene “Ira” Agrivina and Tengal Drillon. They perform a composition of dance music, digital noise and no input sound. Next was collaboration between Julian “Togar” Abraham, Kano So, Alex Schaub and Marc Dusseiller. Togar and Kano performed using their own experimental sound instruments while Alex responded and blend in the performance with various sounds from numerous traditional instruments. Marc Duseiller took part in the performance with a live visual from microscopic organism, which is part of his Hackteria project. Marko Batista was the next performer in the line up. His performance was an experimental digital sound processing and manipulation. Next turn was a duo called Terror Incognita from Semarang. They perform in a unique way by using microphones and sound amplifier to generates sound, which they manipulate in the performance. Closing cellSONIC was a collaborative performance between Rene T. A. Lysloff, MIDIjunkie, Venzha and Andreas Siagian. The performance showed a combination between ethnic music, dance beats, experimental electronic analogue and graphical visual elements.

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