Kingdom and Ports

We were spending several days in Liverpool Marina before we go to Albert Dock for our participation in Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival. The sunny and warm weather greets us in the early morning. It is our first reunion with hot summer during this project; at last! Tapio and Nigel have to be away on the weekend which makes Captain Lars(I call him Cap) and I  spending the weekend and share the boat together. First thing in our plan was to do an exploration and see some of the local cultures and identities of Liverpool.

After visited Liverpool’s main attraction, Cap took me on a small boat tour cruising from Coburg dock to Albert dock. Cap have an idea to do a business with our small boat by giving a tour, rivalling TheYellowDuckMarine! After one second of hard thinking, I said no! We decided to amuse orself by sightseeing along the canals that connecting the docks.

All this short exploration have showned strong maritime history and culture of the city! The big docks and ports in Liverpool remind me of an old belief in Indonesia saying; “A great kingdom must have a great Naval force”. This belief have been one of the foundation of the three early kingdom in Indonesia named: Tarumanagara, Sriwijaya and Majapahit. We can also see simillar things of the kingdoms in South East Asia through Ayuttaya Kingdom in Thailand who also have strong maritime history in the past. It’s too bad there’s so little evidence of such beautiful docks in Indonesia comparing as we seen in Liverpool and Bangkok. I guess we can’t be too greedy and satisfied with the temples.

Original writing for M.A.R.I.N Ecolocated:

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