collaborative performance for dislocate 2009, Tokyo Japan

In one of Dislocate’09 program, a performance session is being held presenting several local artists from Japan and residency artists in Dislocate’09 – Mediations of Locality. In this session I have a chance to meet Kanno So, a media artist from Japan that I met during in Yogyakarta. After a nice reunion, Kanno and I arrange to create a simple audio-visual collaboration for the performance at Loop Line, Sendagaya, Tokyo, Japan, where the performance session will be held.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Responding to Kanno’s Jamming Gear, which his latest work and still developing it further, I responded using a modified squareGEM pd patch that i developed since 2008. The modification is to connect squareGEM and Jamming Gear through Open Sound Control (OSC) by wireless connection. With receiving data from Jamming Gear, semi automatic squareGEM could be easily creating an interactivity through the data that is received from Jamming Gear’s rotations, length of duration etc.

Also in the session were an audiovisual performances from Christophe Charles, with his collaboration with Nguyen Duc Tu. Their performance was also a special collaboration that was built for this session. Koyanagi Junji, with his soundscape works that presented with visual projections. Son Woo Kyung performed a multimedia dance performance. Watanabe Shunsuke also performed with his audiovisual performance. A collaborative performance from dislocate’09 residency artists, and also performance from Leona Misu, Shibata Satoko.

doc pics

photos by: Kanno So, Emma Ota, Lim Kok Yoong

external link:

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