nalareksa 0.4: riverize [installation]

Installed during residency period in Dislocate09 – Mediations of Locality, October – November 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.

During 40 days residency in Tokyo, nalareksa was displayed in a group exhibition alongside with the works from other Artists in Residency. The Artists are:

  1. Nguyen Duc Tu (Vietnam)
  2. Lim Kok Yoong (Malaysia)
  3. Preeyachanok Ketsuwan (Thailand)
  4. Andreas Siagian (Indonesia)

The exhibition was held in SGallery, Tokyo Kodaira-shi Takanodai 28-13 on 26th Ocober – 6th November 2009.

About Mediation of Locality

Mediating Locality is a project designed to bring distant localities together in a creative collaboration which examines their specific contexts, their needs and the challenges which they face, sharing their situations with each other and celebrating their diversity and unities. Mediation here refers to both the mediation of technology but also the mediation of negotiation, interpretation and communication. The aim of the project is to examine how we can link communities, form lasting cooperation and also tackle pressing issues, and to consider what role emerging technologies can play in this. This will of course necessitate discussion on access  and literacy of such technologies and how they can be adapted or utilized to benefit communities. read more @ dislocate09 page>>>

doc pics

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