pure data for VJ workshop @ ITS Surabaya

Wednesday 3 March 2010

VJ-Workshop start 16.00 @ Lab. Audio Visual Despro Institute of Technology Sepuluh November Surabaya

Free T-Shirt Printing -2- Free Software Programming

During breakcore_LABS 0.7.2 – cok2cok, we gave  a workshop at Audio Visual Product Design (Despro) Institute of Technology Sepuluh November (ITS) Lab. The workshop was given by Julian Abraham (Togar) and me. The workshop session was held for Pure Data (Pd) software programming for Visual to the students of Visual Despro ITS.

The workshop session was started by a brief introduction on the lecturers by Benny Wicaksono. Then the session continued with an explanation on breakcore_LABS activities open platform that is meant for a experimental music in Indonesia that is organized by the collaboration between creative communities. Andreas also gave several examples of breakcore_LABS past documentations that was created by collaborative works from interdisciplinary communities.

We continued the session with the introduction of Pd to the students. All the students were unfamiliar with Pd and so we started with the basic information of using Pd, Pd history, Pd objects and its’ function, also Pd internal and external library which contain valuable information and examples on Pd for autodidact user. An installer of Pd also was prepared and handed over to the students so they can also try them on their notebook while following the workshop. We later then showing how to generated simple object by real-time rendering with Pd by using Graphics Environment for Multimedia (GEM) and he also give an example how simple the visual data could be synchronized with real-time audio. He explain several sample on building Pd patch from scratch so the students could follow and try to make one simple patch for interactive audiovisual. After several questions were asked, and the students curiosity and interest we built, we showed the students several patch that he built himself in the past. Andreas also added an explanation on how to use Open Sound Control (OSC) for communication between computers and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, Nintendo DS and any other devices that have an application to support OSC protocol.

After more than 2 hours, the workshop finally come to an end. All the participants take picture with the guys and we saw one of them still using the t-shirt that printed on last night. NICE!We say thanks again to Denan Bagus and Evan Evvn for the photo documentation. Thanks to Faris ShidqiAnita Silvia (Tinta)Kuro, Pandu, Yogie Digital, Evan EvvnRiezaPutri PitoyoFerial Afiff, and everyone involved and/or came to the events. Thanks for the great workshop arek-arek!

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