nalareksa 0.5: hydropixel [installation]

Installed on Mal Au Pixel 05 – Signal From The South 2010, Paris, France

nalareksa 0.5 was installed for a group exhibition during Mal Au Pixel 05 – Signal From The South in Paris France. The exhibition was held in several galleries in Paris. Full Schedule are:

  1. Galerie Mycroft • exhibition & workshop from June 22 to 27
    Refarm the City | Andreas Siagian
  2. Galerie Nuitdencre • exhibition from June 22 to 27
    Yuri Suzuki | Thomas Bégin
  3. Galerie BenJ • exhibition from June 22 to 27
    Jean Katambayi Mukendi | Ashok Sukumaran & Shaina Anand
  4. Ars Longa • exhibtion from June 21 to July 17
    Circlemakers, fluctuat nec mergitur
    Gaël Angelis, Julien Sirjacq, Magali Sanheiria, Circlemakers (France)

about Mal Au Pixel 05 – Signal From The South

Mal au Pixel festival is looking at connecting technology, urban electronics and social transformation issues, to investigate our contemporary beliefs. The festival brings together young digital artists and unconventionnal electronics : unexpected technologies, prototypes and open ended events.

For its fifth edition, Mal au Pixel explores  environmental issues and looks further at the signals coming from the South, through initiatives from the worldwide DIY community.

Use, misuse and reuse of digital medias. When artists, hacktivists and unconventionnal thinkers have a hand in technology, hybrid forms arise, in between art for art’s sake and practical prototypes: electronic gardens (re:farm), CO2 sound generation (Andreas Siagian), self pressed records (Yuri Suzuki), cities as an echo chamber (Circlemakers). Artists also tackle existing networks, such as power distribution (Jean Katambayi) or outline a local and oral Internet (Anand-Sukumaran). Such a fresh way of seeing the participation of art in life can even lead to reformulate world rules, as proposed by Ykon collective with the Ykon Game.

From Dakar, Mumbaï, Nantes or Barcelona… different emerging scenes weaving social and artistic issues in relation to technology. Mal au Pixel also represents an occasion to bring together and to look at recent initiatives of alternative research labs. HONF in Yogyakarta or Sabaw in Manilla take part in the promotion of open source ethics and share the same tools and open schemes as Craslab and TMPlab in Paris region. These self-initiated laboratories are always prompt to foster the social impetus of technologies. Digital creation is not only turned toward representation or critique, but is a true laboratory of diverse prototypes and concepts. In regards to environmental crisis, the open source and “DIY” solutions represent the leverage for a green electronic revolution… which is biding its time.

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3 thoughts on “nalareksa 0.5: hydropixel [installation]

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