macumbista x andreas siagian [performance] @ chat noir, Paris


A collaborative performance I did with Derek Holzer (Macumbista) for Mal Au Pixel 05 – Signal From The South 2010, Paris, France. It was my first time of meeting Macumbista in Paris. I knew him from pd-list, a mailing list for pure data and he was one of the most active guys in the list. We meet in Paris for Mal au Pixel 05 where he was there for a performance and I was there to show my nalareksa installation.

He came on the gallery to see my installation and K~ was introducing us. Then I said to him, “Yo, Derek, are you performing tonight?”. “Yep” he answered. “Let’s collaborate, I can do visuals for you”, I said to him again. “Show me what you got”, he said. And later I show him a pd patch I was developing and in one minute looking at my patch he said, “I like it. Let’s do it”.

Later on that night, Derek went insane playing noises from his DIY mixer instruments while I made a projections to the crowds inside Chat Noir, Paris. ACID! I enjoy every seconds of it!

Picture taken by Sylvie Astié (Dokidoki) and Mathieu Margueri’s.

video by Mathieu Margueri.


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