alt LABS meeting – Mal au Pixel 05, Paris 2010

Alt Lab meeting is a series of presentations of alternative laboratory that works in art, science and technology related fields. This session is part of Mal Au Pixel 05 – Signal From The South 2010, Paris, France.

Participants are:

Moderator: Nathalie Magnan with: Okno | Karen Dermineur – Trias Culture | Marion Louisgrand – Ker Thiossane | Alexandre Korber – TMPLab | Andreas Siagian – HONF | Agnès Le Foulgoc – CRAS | Crealab | ReFarm the City | Genova – DakarLug | Mowoso | Nathalie Aubret – Pixelache Network | Julien Ottavi – Apo33

As described by Mal au Pixel:

From Dakar, Mumbaï, Nantes or Barcelona… different emerging scenes weaving social and artistic issues in relation to technology. Mal au Pixel also represents an occasion to bring together and to look at recent initiatives of alternative research labs. HONF in Yogyakarta or Sabaw in Manilla take part in the promotion of open source ethics and share the same tools and open schemes as Craslab and TMPlab in Paris region. These self-initiated laboratories are always prompt to foster the social impetus of technologies. Digital creation is not only turned toward representation or critique, but is a true laboratory of diverse prototypes and concepts. In regards to environmental crisis, the open source and “DIY” solutions represent the leverage for a green electronic revolution… which is biding its time.

Picture by squaresolid and Mathieu Margueri’s.

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