rene ta lysloff x andreas siagian [performance]

We were in Common Room Bandung, Indonesia. We were doing a little tour for a project called up:DATE with our friends moddr_ from the Netherlands. On our visit to Common Room, moddr_ did a presentation about their activities as a medialab as well as presenting one of their project called Facebook Suicide Machine. And after they give a Why Fy workshop, to learn how to hack in to wi-fi connections that is protected by password.

At night, we held a series of breakcore_LABS 0.9.3 – You Like This. I have the chance to collaborate with Rene TA Lysloff. It was a smooth one as we already collaborated once in 2009. With a 3 layer screen, we can create an illusive 3 dimensional visuals with simple interactive graphics to Rene’s music. Thanks alot to Common Room to organize this great events.

pic docs by Dwi

video docs by openlabs

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