audio streaming + alchemy workshop at Lasalle, Singapore

In March 2011, Teresa Almeida, a friend of mine who was teaching in Lasalle Singapore, kindly invited me to bring some friends to give workshop sessions for her students. So I set up some plans to give two session of workshops for her students at Lasalle. First session was an audio streaming workshop that was given by DeadMediaFM and I. The session was a workshop of how to create your own internet radio using free and open source software. We also introduce several services on the internet that could be used free of charge.

The second session was given by my friend Monty Aji, a designer who’s been working with open source software for his designs. He introduced Alchemy, an open source software for sketching and drawing that could be used for Mac, Linux and Windows. The responds was quite nice as the students were quite active in asking questions to us. Thanks to Teresa for organizing this workshop!

Doc pics by Sutanto Syambas Effendi

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