closing performance KOR#02 at National Art Gallery Malaysia

The last activities that we did in National Art Gallery Malaysia was a group performance. We did a collaborative performance with experimental audiovisual composition using and create a stage in the National Art Gallery Hall. We’re not the only one who performed, Goh Lee Kwang, Space Gambus Experiment and So Sound were also take turns giving amazing audiovisual performance at that night.

The first performance was given by Goh Lee Kwang, a Malaysian artist working on experimental sound. He performed using a DIY synthetizer instrument to play digital noise. Cool stuff! I tried looking everywhere for a documentation of his performance, but I was unlucky. Only found one pic above of him and me on the stage.

Then a stunning performance from Space Gambus Experiment, combining traditional acoustic instruments, drums, electric guitar and electronic instruments to give an astonishing sound composition. They performed in a small stylish orchestra while also displaying a dance performance. Some video documentation:

Then it was SO Sound performance, a collective of young artists in Malaysia working on sound exploration. Their performance were so flexible and colorful. All of their members were using costumes with colorful marks and paints on them. Their sound performance was rather an exploration type where the members use various sound instruments to create an exquisite sound composition. Some pics of their performance:

Then came our performance. We did 3 visualization with Sutanto Syambas Effendi creating a projection by free drawing on his NDS and 2 interactive visual projections that was conducted by Adhari Donora and me. For the sound it was Deiree Aditya performing beats and ambience while I was using a DIY analog theremin, sounds and noise generated from pure data.

And in the end all of us were once on the same stage, everyone with their instruments, trying to fill each others void in the composition and exploring the sounds that we could do to the very edge. Wesley Valenzuela from Philippine joined us on the jamming session. It was a fun moments to get to know with them through sound. I can see their taste from my ears. A great way to wrap out the night. Thanks all friends who helped with this project in Malaysia. It’s sound to meet and performed with you that night!

All great photos and video documentations are taken from National Art Gallery Malaysia, Aliff Fikri, Zulfadli Suplian


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