hacktv [installation] @ pameran membajak TV galeri salihara

On August 2011, I participated an exhibition called “Membajak TV” organized by Komunitas Salihara in Jakarta, Indonesia. The exhibition was curated by Krisna Murti, a media artist and art writer from Indonesia. The exhibition brought the issue of “pirate”, in which the selected artists for the exhibition created works based on their own perspective to the issue itself. As Krisna stated in his curatorial, “Television, controlled by political forces and corporate-has been formed and constructing reality, behavioral and cultural identity so that later generations came to interpret it in various ways: to create a range of cultural awareness, question, tease, criticize, to intervene, reflect, and even offer solution. The emergence a new generation of  astists presents a close link between advance media technology with television culture through three main things: technological developments, the relations of political information history on television with the development of video art, and the emergence of video artist under 30 years generation – which is a generation “nurtured” by our television culture. The cultural position in which the video artists acted upon is a contrary to the community groups who interpret television technology solely as consumption, entertainment, or lifestyle.”

For this exhibition I collaborated with Budi Prakosa (Manticore) and Adhari Donora to create an interactive audiovisual installation. We hacked a several TV sets to enable the audience could broadcast themselves in real-time using the helps of cctv and computer software. We were bringing the concept of a free broadcast, how people with the current technology be able to broadcast themselves using the help of the internet. A technology that was inaccessible for us during Indonesia was under Suharto regime. In this group exhibition we exhibit our prototype piece of how we play with the technology that was accessible to us.

An installation by Muhammad Akbar on the Membajak TV exhibition

Besides us, the artists who participated in this exhibition were:

  • Anggun Priambodo
  • Forum Lenteng
  • Henry Foundation
  • Irwan Ahmett
  • Jompet Kuswidananto
  • Melati Suryodarmo
  • Muhammad Akbar
  • Nanang R. Hidayat
  • Prilla Tania
  • Reza Afisina (Asung)
  • Tintin Wulia
  • Tromarama
  • Wimo Ambala Bayang
  • Yusuf Ismail

manticore, remakes the hackTV piece

After the group exhibition, due to the demand of an art collector, Budi Prakosa rebuild the piece for a collection purpose under the name of HONF. The remake of the piece was conducted by his own, and it was renamed as RGBVertexnoize [link]. It was later on exhibited in Omah Seni on December 2012. The piece was later then sold to the collector by HONF while the original creator of the piece never receive any credits of it.

gallery pics compilation taken from Salihara flickr, Manticore and Muhammad Akbar.

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