microtransformer [installation] by lifepatch for geekfest 2012

In April 2012, lifepatch participated in geekfest 2012 that was held in Bandung Indonesia. geekfest is a festival for community that working in technology. The festival is more of a public style festival, where people from various backgrounds came to see the displays of every participating communities. During our participation for this festival we displayed ‘microtransformer’ installation, a simple display of tropical fruit process (from IB:SC project) with a little artistic touch to attract the audiences in general. The responds was quite aggressive. :)

Microtransformer Installation is a simple installation that features several step process of fermentation of tropical fruits that developed in IB: SC. Installation is intended to describe the fermentation process in outline to the general public. This installation is shown in Geekfest 2012 which was held at Sasana Culture Ganesha Bandung Institute of Technology. In this installation is shown several elements, namely:

DIY Starter Shaker
This tool serves to smooth airflow to accelerate the replication of microorganisms in a measuring cup. In the process of fermentation, the microorganism used was Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Rainbow Yeast Medium
Some examples of medium that is used as a “house” for the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast itself is a kind of microorganisms that function in the process of fruit fermentation. In the fermentation process, Yeast serves to change the sugar content in fruits into alcohol (ethanol) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Ethanol Fermentor Creator
Fermenter is an anaerobic environment (without air) in which the fermentation takes place. The fermentation process itself is a process of conversion of sugar (sucrose, glucose, fruitosa etc.) in the fruit to carbon dioxide and alcohol (ethanol). Fruit used in this fermentor is Timun Sari fruit.

DIY Wine
Examples of outcomes wine obtained from fermentation of tropical fruits. The example shown here is the wine mangosteen.


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