Retroalimentation: 5 days workshop on interactive game and programming, Toluca Mexico 2012

Retroalimentation project was started from mi hermano Luis Hernandes Galvan, told me that there’s a possibility for 4 of us to present Digital Art from South East Asia. The invitation came from Faculty de Artes of Universidad Autonoma Estadio de Mexico (UAEM) – Faculty of Art UAEM in Toluca, Mexico. So, the project started with Luis, Anne-Marie Schleiner , Debbie Ding and me to give a series of workshops and exhibition in Toluca, Mexico.

Retroalimentation started with a 5 days (yes, 5 full days in a row, pheewww) of workshop in interactive gaming and programming from the four of us. During each days, the workshops were divided into 2 sessions, the morning session focused on gaming were given by Luis and Anne-Marie, and the afternoon sessions were focused on interactive programming, given by Debbie and me.

At the first meeting, we started with an short introduction of ourselves to the students from faculty of digital art. To be honest I was a bit nervous. I just came from more than 48 hours of travel from the other part of the world and then gave an introduction to 30 (more or less) participants. But Anne-Marie and Luis handled it well, and I calmed down after 2 minutes of the presentation started. The response of the students were also very warm and active, they asked whenever they don’t understand some details of the workshop. Smooth and hard, it was very fun 5 days.

In the beginning, it was a bit weird for me to shared a workshop with someone else that I just met. Yes, I’m talking about Debbie. I just met her in Toluca, and already we have to shared the workshop session together. In the first day it was a bit awkward, but after that, it went smooth. Debbie was easy to works with, and her background in interactive programming makes it easy to arrange the flow of the workshop. We teach basics of pure data and TUIO, added with introduction to Kinect and also integrated camera of our computer.

Once again, thanks for Luis, Anne-Marie, and Debbie, it was a fun time for me to hang out with them. Very big thanks to Janitzio, Faculty de Artes UAEM and all the students and friends that welcome us warmly. Hope to see you all again soon!

Photo credits: Debbie Ding, squaresolid

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