Smoking with Cigarettes Wedding [visual projection]

When I was in Pekanbaru, Riau, Sumatra, I met El, a guy who used active in underground movement of Yogyakarta. He was about my age and even tho his face looks familiar, we never actually talked when he was still in Yogyakarta. And it was ages ago, like back in 1998-2002. So anyway, he now live in Pekanbaru and have a band called Cigarettes Wedding.

As there was a gigs called Meretas Batas going on in Pekanbaru at that time, and I was playing with Microtronic (a band where Adhari Donora, my friend, is playing), I offered to do a projection for El’s band. He said yes and I ended up to do a projection during their performance, one is a song called “Tissue of Quotations”, and the second called “Senja Tinggi”. Enjoy the videos that were made by Cigarettes Wedding crew that one helova night. Great to play with you guys Cigarettes Wedding!



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