nomusiqdesigners x squaresolid [performance]

During my visit in Toluca Mexico, I met a musician who called himself nomusiqdesigners. He was attending my pd workshops in Art Faculty of Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. During our meetings we exchanges information and found something in common in music preference. AUTECHRE!

nomusiquedesigner x squaresolid


So he asked me to do a jamming session with him at his gallery. I didn’t have any instruments with me, so I just used some sonification instruments that I was building for my installation before. To make the noise, I simply use my fingers as a conductor to short circuit the instruments. The result was a weird and yet unpredictable glitch sounds mixed with a nice beats, ambience and digital glitches from nomusiqdesigners. A friend was also there, Tere Velazquez, who took this wonderful pictures and recorded a video documentation of this performance.

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