lifepatch at BioArtNergy, 2012 [installation]

MI:SC in Bioartnergy, Jogja National Museum Galley 2012

In October 2012, lifepatch was invited for an art science exhibition, part of an event called Bioartnergy. This event was organized by Agriculture Faculty of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta, one of lifepatch’s main collaborator. In this exhibition, UGM asked us to make several installation works, responding 6x6m room. So we thought of making 3 installations responding to the theme of the events.

The theme that UGM was using, I quote here:

“BIOARTNERGY is the form of our visionary idea as the students of Agricultural Microbiology Universitas Gadjah Mada to arise and to give a new paradigm in the society about the importance of bio-energy (as one of bio-technology’s applications) in the near future. Bio-energy is one of bio-technology’s applications based on unique, innovative, applicative, and sustainable natural process, and it’s very potential. However, it has not been used optimally. In short, we would like to present this innovative idea in the unique and creative way! We are going to combine bio-energy with art in the form of INSTALLATION ART, collaborating with many artists from Yogyakarta.

Poster Bioartnergy 2012

Based on the potential damage and crisis of the energy on our beloved earth in the near future, we want the people of the world to be aware of the importance of the continuity of our lives. Build upon those reasons, we want to show this Bio-energy idea, which is wrapped creatively with art, so that everyone can understand and grasp the idea more easily.

Featuring a variety of artwork from some science community-based art actuator in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas (lifepatch, BIC, PILAR and friends, and many more artists) Aims to provide a new paradigm in the general public that inspiration and solutions about life issues (energy) can be sprung up when art and science collaborate to become one.”

MI:SC – Microbiology – Saccharomyces cerevisiae [Installation]

This is lifepatch first installation for the exhibition continuing the project of IB:SC, you can read the concept here. Two professor (Irfan D. Pijambada and Donny Widianto) who was our main collaborator and mentor actually never saw this installation. So, we thought this exhibition is the perfect time to present it. This installation sonify the process of bioethanol fermentation that can also be used to produce bio-fuel. Several selected documentation of this installation:


The installation for the exhibition is build by: Agus Timbil Budiarto, Nur Akbar Arofatullah and Andreas Siagian.

Hidden Potential [installation]

This installation presented an electronic wayang puppet show using DC electricity electrolisis from sea-water. This installation is build by Agung Geger and Budi Prakosa. Selected documentation of Hidden Potential installation in Bioartnergy 2012:

Hidden Potential01 Hidden Potential06 Hidden Potential08 Hidden Potential04

Thermal difference [installation]

The third installation is called Thermal difference which took the distillation method in bio-ethanol process. This installation is built by Agus Timbil Budiarto and Andreas Siagian. Several selected documentation here:

thermal difference04 thermal difference01

thermal difference15thermal difference08

You can click here to read about lifepatch activities in Indonesian language.


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