Moist Sense by lifepatch [installation]

As lifepatch, we did an audiovisual installation in the group exhibition of Dance Your Eyes Festival 2012, Bandung, Indonesia. The exhibition was taken place in Gedung Indonesia Menggugat, an old historical building from the Dutch colonial era. In this group exhibition we present “Moist Sense”, an installation that tries to present the health of plants from their supply of water.

moist sense

Moist Sense is an installation presenting the health of plants by using creative applicaton of electronics to decode biological needs.The idea was taken from the theme of urban farming in dense urban areas which has been growing at current time. With less land for cultivation in the urban areas, the society developed creative engineering solution to obtain the optimization of cultivation countering these problems. Engineering and designs that are used includes the use of appropriate technology to bridge human in providing the needs of these crops and plants. This installation is a simulation of a simple irrigation automation system using moisture sensors to measure the water content in the soil. Crop water needs can be met with sensors and electronic circuits that are connected the terminal automatically sends water according to crop needs.

Technical Explanation
Moist Sense use simple applicaton of several Leds and electronic oscillations (sounds) to represent the health of the plants. The health of the plants can be detected from the adequacy of water on the soil. If the water content on the soil is high, the leds and sound beats faster and vice versa if the water content is low.  A watering system is provided that will automatically irrigates (sends water) the plants when the soil is dry out. Every plant have their own electronic sensors and instruments with a combination of different oscillators such as LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), Square wave, Triangle wave, and Noise. The combination of different water content and electronic instruments results a composition of audiovisual outputs.

lifepatch members which created this installation are:
Adhari Donora (Antirender Lab)
– Agus Tb Budiarto
– Andreas Siagian
Budi Prakosa
– Regeg Gnuga

– Duala Okto
– Ivan Bestari Minar Pradipta
– Joan Prahara Bumi
– Radix Nugroho
– Wawies Wisnu Wisdantio

and support from:
– Rosa Dahlia
– Ferial Afiff
– Nur Akbar Arofatullah
– Kim Sing

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