Audiovisual Dance [Performance] – [Collaboration] Carp2Dragon [residency]

After a whole week of activities for Carp2Dragon residency in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, it’s time for us to work together to create a collaborative work. We have 5 days of Common Lab session in Zero Station, an alternative space which support local and international contemporary art initiatives in Ho Chi Minh City. Most of the times, I met Nguyen Nhu Huy and Liar Ben who always give a friendly welcomes when we’re working there.


We started the Common Lab session early days with very slow vibe. I guess we were pretty tired with the first week packed schedule of activities. So we were like zombies on the early days of the Common Labs. Physically existed, but our mind were flowing somewhere else :P.

common lab work

Most of the times I did was seeking for a new experiment and searching the technical requirements on the internet. I was aiming too high for such short times. To the fact that I know little about Ho Chi Minh city, I ended up with dead-ends on tiny things for the creation process.

andreas siagian in zero station edit

my common pose during common labs at zero station

Although each performances of the artists helped me a lot to understand of their works, but I have very few time to know each other on how they actually work. Synchronizing between people needs time, and we only have very few of it. There were no other artists than the residency artists consistently joining us this program, except ~1escV? (FR) who joined us almost everyday. Unfortunately he and Liar Ben were having their exhibition opening on the same day as our final collaboration presentation, which made him could not joined us on the final presentation.

common lab daily atmosphere @zero station

common lab daily atmosphere @zero station

There was not much interaction going on during the early few days, all of us were thinking quite hard on how we can make something together combining everybody skills and expertise. Too much thinking made us actually do little things. In the end, most of us gave up with our wild ideas and thinking of a simpler approaches to connect with everyone. Things began to move faster in our collaboration together.

carp2dragon artists setting up

Preparing for the final collaborative performance

andreas siagian and tengal sound instrument for carp2dragon final collaborative performance

sound instruments control

We built an communication between our computers using Open Sound Control (OSC), using my computer as the terminal. Luca Carrubba (IT) were using kinect to capture geometrical data of Gina Castillo’s (CO) movement using pure data. The data then transfer to terminal which later on received by Mannet Villariba (PH) and Ricky Janitra (ID) to be used for their visuals, while Tengal (PH) and me are using it for the sounds. I asked Luca to be directing us the flow of Gina’s dance performance as he’s Gina’s partner and knows her the best from all of us.

gina castilla in carp2dragon final collaborative performance

Gina Castilla as the main performer in Carp2Dragon collaborative performance

I was quite happy (or even surprised) of the collaboration output. There were no pressure at all, we all did it with fun and the flow were running smoothly. Of course we can did a lot more if we were given more time, but the output was maximal enough with such given time. My only wish is that I would like to do a collaboration involving with the local artist of Vietnam, guess I have to keep it for another time. In the end, we were all satisfied with the result and thankful to have this experience in working together.

Luca’s post on this collaboration:

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