square[noise~] DIY synth making [workshop] for Carp2Dragon [residency]

workshop squarenoise 05

Next day after the performance I did at I’m Yours Cafe, I gave a workshop to make simple pocket-size DIY synthesizer. This is my first own module which I created for lifepatch and I called it square[noise~]. The module are using CD4093 quad nand gate which produce a square wave sound signals.

The PCB print I did for this workshop was quite difficult since I used a tone-transfer method. Thanks Mouse and Thanh, the volunteers for Carp2Dragon  which helped me a lot for finding the necessary tools for the etching. It looked simple, but when you doing it in another country, trust me, it’s soo difficult :))

workshop squarenoise 02

I made a small mess in the residency apartment for processing the PCB prints, thankfully Haianh, our caretaker, were so nice to lend me her iron and let me do the etching outside the apartment. The workshop itself was conducted at Open Stage, with 6 participants coming to the workshop.

workshop squarenoise

After hours of workshop, finally the participants were able to make their own synth from the module. The sound was quite small with the lousy speaker I bought in Nhat Tao market. The first participant who made it is Co Xu, who studied Export Import in Vietnam. I’m not surprised, one common secret on this DIY thing, girls are better than boys when it come to soldering :D. I’m serious! :|

workshop squarenoise 14

Thank you all for participating in this workshop! It was great meeting you guys!

Photo doc:

You can find my report of this workshop on lifepatch site in Indonesia. [[>>link<<]]

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