[lecture] and pd [workshop] at Lasalle, College of The Arts, Singapore

squaresolid antirender otw lasalle

Adhari Donora and me in front of Lasale

After my participation in Carp2Dragon residency in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I drop by to Singapore for a week. My intention was to visit some of my good friends and also doing some activities while I’m there. Actually, after I think it over after the travel, I did quite a lot. There were 4 activities in one week including a lecture, couple of workshops and a performance. My first activities was a talk and a lecture in 2 session for Faculty of Performing Arts, School of Contemporary Music, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. Mark Wong from Ujikaji Records was the one who hook me up for these activities. During my time in Singapore, my friend Adhari Donora (Ade) and Coki joined to accompany me from Sumatra, I was very happy to meet them there.

andreas siagian artist talk in Faculty of Performing Arts, School of Contemporary Music, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

I met Tim O’Dowyer, Head of the School of Contemporary Music, LASALLE. He warmly welcome us to his class. There were about 30ish students on the class and I started my talk with very casual things of what I did in the past, lifepatch and urbancult. Even though there was very few questions from the students, but it was a warm atmosphere I must say.

presentation with lasalle student wide

Pure data Workshop

pd clash workshop lasalle 06

The next day, I gave a Pure data workshop in Lasalle. Firstly I thought it’s going to be the same students, but instead it was different students that I met. Brian O’Reilly was there to welcome us, I didn’t expect to meet him to be honest. I heard a lot about Brian from my good friend Luis Hernandes Galvan and Anne-Marie Schleiner since we were doing some activities in Mexico. Brian’s work is one of my favorite from that exhibition so I was quite happy to meet him.

pd clash workshop lasalle 05

The workshop session was flowing like usual, not really smooth since like everybody wanted to explore pd as fast as they can. I did this workshop many times alone or with Budi Prakosa (Manticore). I was giving the basic introduction and function, then followed up with a practice to create a 8 step sequencer pd patch of their own. There were some students interested with the workshop and of course once they get the hang of the software, there were weird sounds modulations from their laptops. I enjoyed this 2 days of activities in Lasalle, I thank Tim, Brian, and Mark that allowed me to do this, with Ade and Coki who helped me a lot during the sessions.

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