Wine [making] and Disposable Camera [hacking] in L’Observatoire, Singapore

lifepatch at l'observatoire 05 - DIY wine fermenter

On my last day of my travel, I have the chance to visit L’Observatoire, an art and science space active in learning and sharing educational activities for the local communities in Singapore. I met Isabelle Desjeux who’s running the space when I was visiting an exhibition opening at Lasalle. Debbie Ding introduced me to her and we arranged to make a sharing session just in a couple of days. It was such a short notice for this workshop, but I didn’t care. All I wanted is to meet some artist/researcher/activist/hackers or even groupies who is pretty much interested in art and science, and most specifically in biological field. And so, as we talked and share common interests, we decided to make a exchange/sharing/learning session at L’Observatoire.

L’Observatoire is located on a nice natural part of Singapore. It took us around 20 minutes by taxi to get there (Well, it was actually 45 minutes since the cab driver left us stranger in a mall since he didn’t even bothered to look for the address). The space was very nice and comfortable I must say. There were many seeds near the window, event poster announcements, and three Leica digital microscopes that catch our eyes immediately when we saw it. It looks like Isabelle managed to get a hold of these three microscopes for free as a donation.

After a few chit chat, then come the regular drill of wine making session.  Cuts and slice, blender, sugar, cooking, water, etc. We took the juice from several bananas, SR14 yeast and made a DIY fermenter from a used bottle of a famous brand. Then it’s done. We just have to sit and wait for the yeast do the magic.

Disposable Camera Hacking L'Observatoire macro 01 Disposable Camera Hacking L'Observatoire macro 02

Then we ended the session with Disposable Camera hacking. There were loads of disposable cameras that Isabelle have collected and all of us took one each and starting to do surgery procedure on it. It was quite fun and easy, just tear down the camera and took the lenses, attach it to your phone and that’s about it. Beware of the capacitor for the flash though, it contains 300 volts which is enough to give you some burn finger.

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