[instrument] Echobasemod – Delay synth

echobasemod delay efect by squaresolid

This is a Delay Effect Analog Synthesizer I made modifying the original design created by Slackers of DIYstompboxes. I decided to design my own circuits and modifying it a bit to suit my need. I got a plastic case that I received from my friend Grace. It’s good for now, but I think I will change it later when there’s a unique box that I could find.

echobase circuit by squaresolid

This is how the circuit looks like. The core of the circuit is the PT2399 IC chips which could modulate delay effect of sound input.

echobase board layout by squaresolid

This is the board layout. The red line is the jumper wires. I often used unused lead from component as my jumper wires for the circuits. It looks nicer that way.

echobase pcb print

PCB design print. It’s accordingly to the sizes of the component. Feel free to give it a try. You can find the schematic and original board design in Eagle CAD format:

* schematic: [[>>link<<]]

* board: [[>>link<<]]

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