[instrument] Synth Dua Jari

synth dua jari

During 2014 presidential election of Indonesia, I’m against the candidate number one (Satu – in Indonesian). Why? He did a crime by kidnapping many activists during Indonesian reformation in 1998 in which 13 of them remain “missing”. So I made a support to the candidate number two (Dua – in Indonesian), Jokowi.

synth dua jari desain by hari prast

synth dua jari PCB ready to etch

synth dua jari PCB

I contacted my friend Hari Prast to draw an illustrator of Jokowi giving his signature two finger greet or “Salam Dua Jari” and I printed and a design a circuit out of it. The instrument can only be played with two fingers, that’s why it’s called Synth Dua Jari, or Two Finger Synth. The video bellow is to accompany the instrument and my way of trolling the campaign of the first candidate. The video was made by my friend Adhari Donora.


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