[instrument/installation] 8-bit Woodtape Analog

8-bit Woodtape

8-bit Woodtape Analog, built using local wood material in Djerassi

On my first week in Djerassi Residency, I found out that lumbers is abundant in the area. The lumbers are going to be used as the material for fireplace during the winter. As someone from the tropical country, I’m unfamiliar with the use of woods for heating inside the house since it’s already hot in Indonesia. Since Laura Amador, the project manager of Djerassi said that we can pretty much use anything in the area, I decided to take one of the lumber to made an instrument.

8-bit Woodtape Analog from above web

8-bit woodtape analog

Woodworking in Djerassi workshop

Woodworking – It’s a bit tricky working with the lumber as it’s shape is quite delicate and the tools in the workshop are mostly for cutting straight lines. I have to make some place inside the lumber to place some electronic circuit. It took quite a while to make one.

8-bit Woodtape Analog Circuit Prototype

Prototyping Circuit 8-Bit Woodtape Analog

Prototyping – After the wood is done, back to googling and circuit design. Making the prototype and testing it on the breadboard.

Sound Sample – Here’s the sound from the prototype

8-bit Woodtape Analog Circuit

The circuit inside 8-bit Woodtape Analog

Soldering – Satisfied with the prototype, now it’s time to make the circuit. Since I don’t have the necessary equipment to etch a circuit, pref board is the only way to go. To be honest, pref board is a bit too much for me. I think I finished making this circuit in 3 hours.


This instrument is donated to Djerassi, it’s for sell for the purpose of funding reserve of Djerassi. Information of the auction here: https://paddle8.com/work/budi-prakosa-and-andreas-siagian/39934-8-bit-woodtape

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