[module/tutorial] Audio Amplifier

386amp layout

Board Layout


Often, we need an audio amplifier for low signal devices such as microphone or piezo transducer. This is a simple low power audio amplifier based on LM386, a relatively cheap IC that’s available in most electronic store. Schematic, Part List and PCB design available below.

386amp schematic



Part List:

  • C1 1nF
  • C2 1nF
  • C3 1uF
  • C4 1uF
  • C5 100uF
  • C6 10uF
  • C9 47nF
  • C10 100uF
  • IC1 LM386N
  • POT1 10K
  • POT2 10K
  • R1 10R

note: you don’t need to assemble C2, C4 and POT2 if you’re only using single input.


PCB design


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