[residency] Lab in-a Lab for Dutch Design Week 2014

Lab in-a Lab at Baltan Lab

From 21 September 2014 to 28 October 2014 I will be doing Lab in-a Lab project as my residency program for Age of Wonderland from Baltan Laboratories and Hivos for Dutch Design Week 2014 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Lab in-a Lab is a project based residency program consists with small-scale workshop activities, participatory art-science projects, and collaborative works. The idea of the Lab in-a Lab is to stimulate social innovations within the community using art-science as a tool through alternative education activities. These activities are conducted throughout the residency periods, which the results later will be exhibited in Dutch Design Week Festival. Lab in-a Lab project will start with building an adequate lab infrastructure designed for the whole activities during the residency period will take place. The project activities reflect the transition of Laboratory as not only an exclusive space for scientific research, but also embrace social and creative practices inside of it. This project would like to do a social experiment in combining art and science practices within the communities, which present the definition of a Laboratory in the contemporary culture.

I decided to open a blog to put the documentations of all activities I did during Lab in-a Lab. The documentation is available here: [>>http://labinalab.tumblr.com<<].

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