[tutorial] Simple Bio-Synth [instrument]

Tiger Biosynth - Squaresolid

Tiger Biosynth produced in Dutch Design Week 2014

At this post I’m gonna share a simple bio-synthesizer using the all time favourite CD4093 Integrated Circuits. This circuit is very simple it will take you about less than 10 minutes to solder. I always use this bio-synthesizer as an introduction to electronics, like the workshops series in Lab in a Lab – Age of Wonderland as an example. Bellow you will find the PCB design and layout.

Tiger Biosynth PCB and Layout Design by Andreas Siagian. Board size 8 x 4 cm

Tardigrade Biosynth PCB and layout design by Marc Dusseiller. Board size 6 x 3.5 cm

The idea in making this simple biosynthesizer started after the Solder Synth Sense Sore Sore Sip workshop. There are many version of this bio-synth and we keep designing new design to make more people interested in electronics. Bellow is a video sample of Kangaroo version I developed in May 2014.

You might give it a try, the sensor area basically response to human touch, humidity, and organic matters. You can also put LDR or other sensor on that area. Have fun!



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