[project] Conveniencely Yours in Interactivos?’16 at Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain

Conveniencely Yours Installation.jpg

Conveniencely Yours Final Presentation at Interactivos?’16 Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain

My project proposal on lab process in hacking and investigation on products that could be easily accessed in convenience stores, grocery stores and $1 stores is presented in Interactivos?’16.

About The Project

Conveniencely Yours (CY) is a project exploring creative experiments on the use of consumer products that is accessible in the convenience store, grocery store, variety store, or any other local store including second hand markets. The project invites collaborators to analyse and investigate local consumer products then experiments to find other functionality and uses of those products. The projects also invite the collaborator to document their findings for further investigation with experts and also create a tutorial for knowledge sharing. This project embrace the spirit of Jugaad in India, Gambiarra in Brazil and Oprek in Indonesia to work inovatively with the working conditions of the local environment.

Conveniencely Yours -Miranda Hair Dye - Hydrogen Peroxide.jpg

Hair Colour Products contains Hydrogen Peroxide which can be used to make old plastic white and bright again.

This project is started in ‘Interactivos?’16: Possible Worlds, this project will research on the use products that could be useful for citizen/amateur labs, artistic/creative production and, amateur biological experimentation. A dedicated blog will be created to document and share the process, tutorials and findings of the research. The project will be also guided by specialists to ensure the safety of the experiments.

Conveniencely Yours -Cap Lang - Cajuput Oil.jpg

Cajuput Oil, a very common product in Indonesia for medicine can also be used to remove permanent markings.

Autan - Musquito Repellant.jpg

Indonesian DIYers often used Autan, a mosquito repellant cream to help the ink stick to the copper in a transfer tone method of PCB making

Conveniencely Yours would like to bring the role of citizens as activists by directly involve the participants in the investigations. The project is also would like to brought citizen tactics which creatively using accessible technologies for their daily life needs. The project will take the form of consumerism activism at the present time where the citizen themselves act as their own agent for the protection of the consumers.

Project blog in: http://conveniencelyyours.tumblr.com


Interactivos? is a program initiated in 2006 by Medialab Prado in Madrid, Spain. Each year a new international collaborative prototyping workshop is celebrated in which different topics are addressed through creative experimentation with free hardware and software tools: creative programming, graphic experimentation, interaction design, digital narratives, etc. Interactivos? have been awarded honorary mention in Ars Electronica Interactive Art award in 2010. One of the previous project that was hosted in Interactivos? is Arduino project in 2006.

Lab Works

Several activities in the Lab Works that we did:

DIY Etching

Etching is always fun, and especially if you’re experimenting or prototyping, the skills of doing DIY etching at your home comes very handy for your works. Using UV nail dryer for photo etching methods, and some equipments and materials from your local store, we experiment on how to do DIY etching in medialab prado.



Emi Uda and I have been working together on how to hack a mirror for making prints and drawings. We worked together on this hacking project in LabinaLab project in Dutch Design Week 2014, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It was first come up during my research on conductive layer inside of a mirror which led me to experiment in electroplating the mirror in this tutorial I made long ago.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this opportunity we had a chance on using cutting stickers machines to cover the conductive layer during etching process. We of course also use the old methods on drawing by hand. Urs Gaudenz is very interested in this hacking project and join us on the experiments.

Conveniencely Yours - Mirrorhack with Tiger Biosynth

On another experiment, we used the hacked mirror as an interface for a simple DIY synthesizer such as the Squaresynth and Tiger Biosynth.

Maneki Neko and Jesus 3D

I am interested in the cultural aspect on how the local grocery stores have lost in competing with Chinese shops in the city.


Maneki neko, a Japanese lucky charm figurine in forms of a cat waving its’ hand, is often used by Chinese shops while the local Spanish often used religious symbols such as Jesus and other prophets as their lucky charm. I found it interesting to find a 3D poster of Jesus in a 1 euro Chinese shop in Madrid.

With a little hack to sonify the movement of Maneki Neko and a simple servo motor to move the poster, I wanted to do a visualisation of the shops competitions in Madrid.



Beer Making

We invite Emilio Dahl Herce, a local DIY brewer in Madrid. He made beers inside his own bathroom! He gave us a workshop on How to make beers and the tutorials is used on the final presentation of Conveniencely Yours.




Pije, who’s happened to be  a manager in a fablab back in Swiss, offered to make boxes for installation. I give a size for him to make a box specially for the mirrorhack and the maneki neko installation. Marc also told us with a little hack using shoe polish we can give a nice colour for the box. So we did.



Final Presentation

Conveniencely Yours - Installing Jesus.jpg

Marc Dusseiller, Rosen Ivanov and Roi carefully installing 3D Jesus Poster for Conveniencely Yours Final Presentation.



Conveniencely Yours in Makery.jpg


This project is a work together with all the collaborators:

  • Emi Uda
  • Urs Gaudenz
  • Justyna Ausareny
  • Moncho
  • Ana Katarina Martin
  • Rosen Ivanov
  • Emilio Dahl Herce
  • Pije

All other Projects in Interactivos?16 are:

  • Balloonizer by Oscar Ardaiz (Spain)
  • Open Source Estrogen – YES HER by Byron Rich and Mary Tsang (USA)
  • LiveLab by Oliva Jack
  • Evolution of a departure by Ana Laura Cantera (Argentina)
  • Ephemeral Angels by Mariana Carranza and Florian Wolf
  • Conveniencely Yours by Andreas Siagian
  • Digital Stretch Instruments by Rosi Grillmair, Or Wolff, Ina Kharadze
  • Freeing Images in Dust by Rafael Fernandes Carvalho

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