andreas siagian

Andreas Siagian is an artist/engineer with a background of formal education as a civil engineer graduated from Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. His initial interest in interdisciplinary practice began when he was in college, where he studied programming languages to create a software for highway geometric design calculation and planning. His practice evolve over time ranging from creative programming in audiovisual, DIY electronics, sound sculpture, installations and instrument builders. His activity focuses on the creative community, alternative education, DIY/DIWO culture and interdisciplinary collaboration. Since 2004, he worked with community-based initiatives and create a wide variety of installations, workshops and organizing events and festivals in Indonesia. His collaborative activities with local creative community involves him as co-founders of several initiatives such as breakcore_LABS; a platform for experimental audiovisual performances,; online site for visual documentation and mapping of street art in Indonesia; lifepatch – citizen initiative in the arts, science and technology. Together with Hackteria network, he was the co-director HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta.

Bahasa Indonesia

Andreas Siagian adalah seorang seniman lintas disiplin dengan latar belakang pendidikan formal sebagai insinyur sipil lulusan Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. Awal ketertarikannya pada praktik interdisiplin bermula ketika dia masih kuliah, dimana dia mempelajari bahasa pemrograman dan membuat sebuah piranti lunak yang berguna dalam perhitungan dan perencanaan desain geometrik jalan raya. Praktiknya berkembang seiring waktu mulai dari pemrograman kreatif dalam citra dan bunyi, elektronik berbasis swakriya, pembuatan patung bunyi dan instalasi hingga instrumen bunyi. Aktivitasnya berfokus pada komunitas kreatif, pendidikan alternatif, kebudayaan swakriya/komunal dan kolaborasi interdisipliner. Sejak tahun 2004, dia bekerja dengan inisiatif-inisiatif berbasis komunitas dan menciptakan berbagai macam instalasi, lokakarya serta menyelenggarakan acara maupun festival di Indonesia. Kegiatan kolaboratif dengan komunitas kreatif lokal melibatkan dirinya sebagai salah satu pendiri dari beberapa inisiatif seperti breakcore_LABS; sebuah platform untuk pertunjukan audiovisual eksperimental,; situs online untuk dokumentasi visual dan pemetaan seni jalanan di Indonesia; lifepatch – inisiatif warga dalam seni, sains dan teknologi. Bersama jaringan Hackteria, dia merupakan co-director HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta.

Vietnamese (from Carp2Dragon)

Andreas Siagian | Nghệ sĩ/Kỹ sư là một nghệ sĩ liên phương tiện nhưng có nền tảng về mảng cơ khí, ở đó anh tích cực tham gia vào việc phát triển cộng đồng bằng nghệ thuật, khoa học và công nghệ từ năm 2004 đến nay.  Anh cũng tích cực trong lập trình nghe nhìn tương tác, ứng dụng nguồn mở thể hiện trong tác phẩm và hoạt động của mình. Các hợp tác của anh trong phát triển cộng đồng sáng gạo bao gồm đồng sáng lập nhiều tổ chức nghệ thuật như breakcore_LABS, một sân chơi trình diễn nghe-nhìn thể nghiệm,, nơi ghi chép và lập bản đồ trực tuyến nghệ thuật đường phố Indonesia và lifepatch – sân chơi dành cho nghệ thuật – khoa học – công nghệ, một tổ chức của cộng đồng khuyến khích sự sáng tạo và ứng dụng trong lĩnh vực nghệ thuật, khoa học và công nghệ.

Taiwanese (from TCAC)

Andreas Siagian為一跨領域藝術家,與多個自發性組織的共同發起人,包括lifepatch。lifepatch由一群駭客、電腦工程師、藝術家、文化行動者跨域組成,以印尼日惹為基地,致力於藝術、科學和科技之間的整合,借助創新科技之力,「DIY(Do-It-Yourself)」與「協作DIWO(Do-It-with-Others)」的精神,積極於公共領域中推展各項有趣的生活提案。

5 thoughts on “andreas siagian

  1. hi Andreas
    i like the chaos looper you posted. I think it could fit very well into a DIY workshop project i am starting next week. unfortunately the circuit you added is in low resolution and not readable. and the guys at does also not have any other documentation. could you please send me the sheet in full resolution. would be great. thank you. best regards gammon

  2. Hello Me. Siagian,

    How are you doing ?

    My name is Daniel Katz and currently I am Electrical Engineering MSc candidate at University of Campinas – UNICAMP.

    Actually I am working in a Master Thesis with a thema regarding to the Printed Circuit Board Inspection Using Image Processing, and I would be very thankful if I would have some reference’s Images of PCB’s without mounting. (Follow attached)

    Please, I could use this Images in my Thesis ? That’s critical for the project development.

    If yes, I’ll cite you in my References.

    Since now, thanks for your attention !

    Best Regards

    Daniel Katz, BSc

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