Outline of Dining Space [Project] for Jakarta Biennale 2013

My explanation on “Dining Space Project”, Lifepatch collaboration with Elia Nurvista, Teapot Experience, Otakatik Creative Workshop and Permablitz Yogyakarta. The documentation of Dining Space Project in Lifepatch’s site available [>>here<<].

Mountain Operated Syntheizer – [article] written by Ili Tulloch on Jakarta Globe

Jakarta Globe - Australian, Indonesian Artists Make Music of Mount Merapi by Ili Tulloch

An article on Jakarta Globe about Mountain Operated Synthesizer, written with the title “Australian, Indonesian Artists Make Music of Mount Merapi”, written by Ili Tulloch. The article posted in Jakarta Globe can be read [>>here<<].

Yogyakarta Soundscape in Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 2013 [article]

Jogja Soundscape - Artikel Kedaulatan Rakyat - Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 2013

I participated in a ‘Yogyakarta Soundscape’ project, part of the 25th ‘Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 2013’ (Yogyakarta Art Festival). The project invites 6 artists to create soundscapes which will be played in public venues in Yogyakarta. The venues are: Adisucipto airport, Malioboro Mall, Ambarrukmo Plaza, Ngasem Market, Malioboro Street, Bus Trans Jogja. The 6 artists are: Andreas Siagian, Ari Wulu, Jimmy Mahardhika, Risky Summerbee, and Wukir Suryadi in collaboration with Aim Adinegara. Above is a screen shot of the article published by Kedaulatan Rakyat, a daily newspaper in Yogyakarta. Original link to the article here.

Documenting Yogyakarta’s Ephemereal Artistry, [article] in Jakarta Post

Jakarta Post - Documenting Yogyakarta's ephemeral artistry

An article written by Lauranne Callet published in Jakarta Post daily newspaper. The article was reviewing urbancult project which started by Agung Firmanto, Budi Prakosa and me in 11 November 2011. The article was written after an interview with us, including several street artists such as HereHere, Antitank and ~1escV? (FR). The online version on Jakarta Post website [>>link<<], in Lauranne Callet’s personal blog [>>link<<], and on lifepatch’s site [>>link<<]. There’s a screen capture of the online version, I posted bellow.

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