[visual performance] Senyawa Solo Concert, Jakarta 2016

Senyawa Konser Tunggal Jakarta 2016.jpg

Senyawa – Wukir Suryadi and Rully Shabara is doing their first solo concert in Jakarta and they asked me to do visual projection for them. It’s a specific request as I had to do visuals for all the music that they will perform. Continue reading


[residency/project] ancientMSG

A three weeks live art project organised by Gertrude Contemporary, a collaboration of 4 Indonesian artists and 4 Australian artists, curated and produced by Kristi Monfries of the Volcanic Winds. The result is presented in 1 hour of live collaborative performance of all participating artist.

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[performance/instument] Senjatajahanam: Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch for Jogja Biennale XIII

Senjatajahanam - Wukir Suryadi x Lifepatch - Andreas Siagian

Senjatajahanam, a collaboration between Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch in Jogja Biennale XIII, 2016. The instrument was performed by Wukir Suryadi and Andreas Siagian the opening performance of Jogja Biennale in Jogja National Museum.


One out of two instrument as a result of a collaboration between Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch in Jogja Biennale XIII

More info in Lifepatch’s website: [[>>link<<]]

[performance] Sonic Art Showcase

Andreas Siagian - squaresolid, Iqbal S. Lubis, Budi Prakosa - Manticore Sonic Art Showcase - photo credit: Arlo Henings

Sonic Art Showcase Performance at Kedai Kebun Forum, 27 August 2015


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[performance] Pengolah Sinyal, presentation by Lintang Radittya

Lintang Radittya - Kenalirangkaipakai performing his Javanese Modular, along with visual from Budi Prakosa - Manticore

In April, I’m helping out my friend Lintang Radittya – Kenalirangkaipakai for his presentation on Javanese Modular, a modular synthesizer that he build. The presentation called Pengolah Sinyal, also presenting a collaboration of Lintang with several artists including myself. The event took place in Kedai Kebun Forum on 25 April 2015.

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