[exhibition | project] SuperSub – on collectivism, Den Frie | lifepatch

Seniman dan Kurator peserta Supersub

The exhibition SuperSub – on collectivism is part of the annual culture event IMAGES – a collaboration between Center for Kulturel Udvikling (CKU) and several Danish cultural institutions. The goal with the exhibition at Den Frie is to make an exchange of experience between Den Frie and non-Western artists, curators, and institutions, as an alternative to the traditional view on art in Denmark. Den Frie welcomes an institutional context and artistic platform that expands and challenges an “international” (read: Western) view by presenting a “global” point of view. Therefore the artist and curator Ade Darmawan from Indonesia has been invited to curate the exhibition for which he has selected five artists, who are all involved with collective art practises. With this overall concept around experience and cultural exchange between a number of Copenhagen based artist groups, curators, and non-Western institutions, it is our wish to raise the questions: What does it mean to work collectively today? What lies hidden in the community and in the collective culture production?

The participating artists are: Reza Afisina, Mg Pringgotono, Mahardika Yudha, Arief Yudi, Andreas Siagian and Farid Rakun.


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[residency/project] ancientMSG

A three weeks live art project organised by Gertrude Contemporary, a collaboration of 4 Indonesian artists and 4 Australian artists, curated and produced by Kristi Monfries of the Volcanic Winds. The result is presented in 1 hour of live collaborative performance of all participating artist.

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[performance/instument] Senjatajahanam: Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch for Jogja Biennale XIII

Senjatajahanam - Wukir Suryadi x Lifepatch - Andreas Siagian

Senjatajahanam, a collaboration between Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch in Jogja Biennale XIII, 2016. The instrument was performed by Wukir Suryadi and Andreas Siagian the opening performance of Jogja Biennale in Jogja National Museum.


One out of two instrument as a result of a collaboration between Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch in Jogja Biennale XIII

More info in Lifepatch’s website: [[>>link<<]]

[residency] lifepatch – RRRecfest in the Valley 2015

Presentasi akhir Lifepatch dalam bentuk instalasi interaktif di RRRecfest in The Valley 2015. foto oleh: Whiteboard Journal

Presentasi akhir Lifepatch dalam bentuk instalasi interaktif di RRRecfest in The Valley 2015. foto oleh: Whiteboard Journal

Article about RRRecfest in The Valley 2015 in Whiteboard Journal >>[[here]]<<. More information of Lifepatch participation in RRRecfest in The Valley 2015 >>[[here]]<<.

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[open lab] Orde Baru: OK Video – Indonesia Media Art Festival 2015

Lifepatch - WAFT - Digital Nativ in OK Video 2015

Open Lab, a fringe event for Orde Baru: OK Video – Indonesia Media Art Festival 2015 in National Gallery Indonesia with the participation of  Lifepatch, WAFT-Lab and Digital Nativ. Open Lab is a collaborative work within a week between the three to creatively intervene with the topic of technology in the New Order Rezim. The event was organized by ruangrupa and held on 14-19 June 2015.

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[residency] The Instrument Builders Project – NGV, Melbourne Australia 2014

IBP 3 profile pic

Curator Kristi Monfries and Joel Stern with the studio residency artists of The Instrument Builders Project 3rd Iteration in National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne 2014

During the exhibition period of The Instrument Builders Project in National Gallery of Victoria, 4 artists from Australia are working with 3 artists from Indonesia in a studio work to build new instruments as part of the third iteration of The Instrument Builders Project. The studio residency artists are Michael Candy, Dale Gorfinkel, Lintang Radittya, Andreas Siagian, Wukir Suryadi, Pia Van Gelder, Tintin Wulia. More information on the residency can be found in The Instrument Builders Project website [[>>here<<]].

[residency] Lab in-a Lab for Dutch Design Week 2014

Lab in-a Lab at Baltan Lab

From 21 September 2014 to 28 October 2014 I will be doing Lab in-a Lab project as my residency program for Age of Wonderland from Baltan Laboratories and Hivos for Dutch Design Week 2014 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Lab in-a Lab is a project based residency program consists with small-scale workshop activities, participatory art-science projects, and collaborative works. The idea of the Lab in-a Lab is to stimulate social innovations within the community using art-science as a tool through alternative education activities. These activities are conducted throughout the residency periods, which the results later will be exhibited in Dutch Design Week Festival. Lab in-a Lab project will start with building an adequate lab infrastructure designed for the whole activities during the residency period will take place. The project activities reflect the transition of Laboratory as not only an exclusive space for scientific research, but also embrace social and creative practices inside of it. This project would like to do a social experiment in combining art and science practices within the communities, which present the definition of a Laboratory in the contemporary culture.

I decided to open a blog to put the documentations of all activities I did during Lab in-a Lab. The documentation is available here: [>>http://labinalab.tumblr.com<<].

[glitch] tv

analog and digital glitch we made during djerassi residency

analog and digital glitch we made during djerassi residency

In Djerassi, Budi Prakosa and I made an experiment in synchronising audio to an old TV in Djerassi’s lounge. With Laura’s permission, we took the TV and play with it in our studio. I hook some analog synth to the TV signal, while Iyok made some codes for visualisation of the 8-bit mixtape. Some documentation of the experiment bellow.

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