SATU for Nextwave – Structural Integrity [installation]

Installed on Next Wave Festival – Structural Integrity 2010, Melbourne Australia

In May 2010, I was chosen as one of the participating communities for Next Wave Festival in Melbourne, Australia. With “No Risk To Great” theme for the festival, our activities will include a residency, workshops and an exhibition throughout the program. Jeff Khan’s statement in Next Wave media release, “What are the real risks of our time, what are the risks worth taking, and what is our role as individuals, and as artists, in relation to them? Where is the line between our own personal, moral and ethical worlds, and the codes and principles which circulate in the broader context of contemporary culture? What is our capacity to draw, hold or cross this line?” With this theme, we are included as one of eleven Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) which consists five ARIs from Asia and six from Australia.

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Tiny Emission

After spending several days in Whitehaven, we finally have a clear sky to head sail to Liverpool. We say goodbye to the Harbor Master in the afternoon as we headed south with small waves on our path. We’re doing 6 knots in average with the help of mild winds on our sail, slowly “drift” us to our destination. The landscape view was amazing with several old structures stand on it. One of it was an old coal mine on top of the hill located in south of Whitehaven.

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