[instrument] 8-Bit Mixtape

8-bit Mixtape v0.4

8-bit Mixtape v0.4

8-bit Mixtape is a project started on the early foundation of Lifepatch back in 2012. It was initiated by Marc Dusseiller РDusjagr, Budi Prakosa/Iyok РManticore, and Andreas Siagian/Ucok РSquaresolid (myself). The idea was to make a simple synthesizer that could play the 1 line algorithmic symphony. We were working using Attinny 85 chip with Processing and tried to develop a synthesizer with 2 potentiometer and 2 buttons. We keep it minimal. The project then developed with many other individuals.

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collaboration – speak my language [interactive video installation]

A collaboration with Jette Hye Jin Mortensen, Denmark. Jette was one of residency artist in Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival [YIVF]#04 Out Of It! in 2008. Using GEM on pure data the installation was exhibited in the final presentation of YIVF#04 alongside with Selina Shah (UK), The Darling Sisters (Spain) and Benny Wicaksono (Indonesia). You could download pd patch for Speak My Language interactive installation. (click here)

collaboration – shadow delay [interactive installation]

A collaboration with Adithep Duksukkaew (Job), Thailand. Job was a visual artist  from 5th ASEF Artcamp and on his thesis, he would like to create an interactive video installation using pure data open source software. Using PiDiP; a group of additional video objects for Pure Data Packet, and webcam, the final presentation installation on October, 2008 in Bangkok was a success after several trials. We would like to enhanced this installation in the future. You could download pd patch for delay interactive installation. (click here)


collaborative performance for cellsonic 2008

Performed at: Cellsbutton#02 – Yogyakarta Media Art Festival 2008

Cellsonic 2009 was held in PPPPTK; a school for art teachers and workers located 11 km north of Yogyakarta. Inside the beautiful complex lies an outdoor small circle stadium-like for art performance. The Cellsonic stage located in the centre of the stadium. Continue reading