vo[ID~]null: one night of experimental music – Independent Archive and Resource Center (IARC), Singapore

main desk instruments

Friday 19 April 2013, I organized a gig by a collaboration with Independent Archive and Resource Center (IARC) Singapore and Ujikaji Records. It’s started that I wanted to pay a visit to my friends in Singapore, and so I thought it would be nice to gather all them once in one small gig. Mark Wong from Ujikaji hook me up with Johari Jordan Rais from IARC and so we made a small plans together to do the gig at IARC headquarters. My friends from Rumah Budaya Siku Keluang Pekanbaru Sumatra also joining us, Adhari Donora, Ricky Kurniawan (Coki) and Monica Moerghasini that collaborate in a band called Microtron, took the liberty in flying to Singapore to participate in these gig.

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