Mountain Operated Syntheizer – [article] written by Ili Tulloch on Jakarta Globe

Jakarta Globe - Australian, Indonesian Artists Make Music of Mount Merapi by Ili Tulloch

An article on Jakarta Globe about Mountain Operated Synthesizer, written with the title “Australian, Indonesian Artists Make Music of Mount Merapi”, written by Ili Tulloch. The article posted in Jakarta Globe can be read [>>here<<].

[installation/instrument] MOS – an instrument for Merapi

Mountain Operated Synthesizer

During my participation in The Instrument Builders Project, I did a collaboration with Michael Candy and Pia van Gelder to create MOS (Mountain Operated Synthesizer). The instrument which took form as an installation was responding the environment condition of the mountain such of the air and earth and make them audible. MOS was installed in post 2 of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta, Indonesia in July 2013.

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