[workshop] microNOISE – nauJubilee @lifepatch


Celebrating 10 years of SGMK (Swiss Mechatronic Art Society), lifepatch is organising a small workshop with a special modul, Micronoise – Jubilee.  It was sent to us as a remote session for celebrating their birthday. Lifepatch’s post in Indonesian can be seen [[>>here<<]].

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Sinau Skema Sirkuit Sintesis Suara Sob [workshop]

Sinau Skema Sirkuit Sintesis Suara Sob 33

Hand drawn PCB design from Julian “togar” Abraham

After the Solder Synth Sense Sore Sore Sip workshop, Marc, Togar and I were in a workshopology discussion about creating an intense workshop sessions to get the participants get to know about DIY electronics. We agreed that the workshops on making simple electronic circuit such as Micronoise, Synth Sense, Atari Punk Console, are quite nice for the participants to have general idea on how electronic circuit works. However, we thought this workshop modules are not enough to really kick themselves in to creating or experimenting with electronics. Continue reading