555 Simple Oscillator [tutorial]

The easiest and cheapest way to make an oscillator is using the famous 555 timer chip, which in Indonesia it cost roughly about Rp. 800,-. It’s a simple oscillator which produced a square wave¬† signals. You can also call it as “Poor man’s oscillator” :P. Even as simple as it is, or as cheap as it is, this oscillator is still a powerful instrument. I build this oscillator based on “Laser Ray” Schematic from “50 555 Circuits” E-book by Collin Mitchel. I also made the EagleCAD schematic and board file bellow.

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DIY PCB Printing and Etching

When I was building my installation for the exhibition in Toluca Mexico, I received many helps from a Relder Leguz, a new good friend that I met through Marengla, Marko and Loretta, his wives. One of the helps was to print my own Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for sonikakustik instruments that I was using to capture acoustic sounds from my installation. As we were printing our PCB, we decided to make a little documentation and creating a tutorial for anyone to try it themselves. I wrote the same tutorial in Indonesian on lifepatch site.

To start the tutorial, here’s the list that’s needed to print your own PCB.

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