[lecture] and pd [workshop] at Lasalle, College of The Arts, Singapore

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Adhari Donora and me in front of Lasale

After my participation in Carp2Dragon residency in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I drop by to Singapore for a week. My intention was to visit some of my good friends and also doing some activities while I’m there. Actually, after I think it over after the travel, I did quite a lot. There were 4 activities in one week including a lecture, couple of workshops and a performance. My first activities was a talk and a lecture in 2 session for Faculty of Performing Arts, School of Contemporary Music, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. Mark Wong from Ujikaji Records was the one who hook me up for these activities. During my time in Singapore, my friend Adhari Donora (Ade) and Coki joined to accompany me from Sumatra, I was very happy to meet them there.

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Senja Art Exhibition closing [performance]

After the opening performance, the organizer asked us to do another performance for the closing ceremony, 2 days after the opening. Since everyone said yes, we did another performance with (almost) the same set. With Marc Dusjagr also joining us :). We all sat in the center of the exhibition room and sets our instruments there. Dusjagr and me playing some noise and jamming while enjoying the visuals made by JoanPrahara Bumi and manticore (Iyok).

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Retroalimentation: 5 days workshop on interactive game and programming, Toluca Mexico 2012

Retroalimentation project was started from mi hermano Luis Hernandes Galvan, told me that there’s a possibility for 4 of us to present Digital Art from South East Asia. The invitation came from Faculty de Artes of Universidad Autonoma Estadio de Mexico (UAEM) – Faculty of Art UAEM in Toluca, Mexico. So, the project started with Luis, Anne-Marie Schleiner , Debbie Ding and me to give a series of workshops and exhibition in Toluca, Mexico.

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pure data workshop at geekfest 2012, Bandung

During lifepatch participation in geekfest 2012, manticore and I gave a pure data workshop session on the 2nd day of the festival. The workshop was primarily focus on the use of sound samples to create a beat pattern in an 16 step sequencer patch. We used several animals sounds for the workshop thus we called it “pure data Animal Rampage workshop”.

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closing performance KOR#02 at National Art Gallery Malaysia

The last activities that we did in National Art Gallery Malaysia was a group performance. We did a collaborative performance with experimental audiovisual composition using and create a stage in the National Art Gallery Hall. We’re not the only one who performed, Goh Lee Kwang, Space Gambus Experiment and So Sound were also take turns giving amazing audiovisual performance at that night.

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workshop KOR#02 at National Art Galery Malaysia 2011

For KOR#02, we did two workshops for National Art Gallery Malaysia. One is a nice book making workshop for kids that was given by Eriko, Stella Maris and Ratna Djuwita. The second is a pure data programming workshop that was given by me.

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tropis///subsonics workshop 2011

During an event called Tropis//Subsonics, we organized a joint workshop together with Robin Fox. He is an artist and musician working with interactive audiovisual using synchronized laser with his music. The workshop session was divided in to 2 session where the first session was started with Robin showing how he able to synchronized a laser projection with his music using Max/MSP. After showing some examples, Robin continued with giving a workshop on creating sound oscillators using Max/MSP.

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pure data for VJ workshop @ ITS Surabaya

Wednesday 3 March 2010

VJ-Workshop start 16.00 @ Lab. Audio Visual Despro Institute of Technology Sepuluh November Surabaya

Free T-Shirt Printing -2- Free Software Programming

During breakcore_LABS 0.7.2 – cok2cok, we gave  a workshop at Audio Visual Product Design (Despro) Institute of Technology Sepuluh November (ITS) Lab. The workshop was given by Julian Abraham (Togar) and me. The workshop session was held for Pure Data (Pd) software programming for Visual to the students of Visual Despro ITS.

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collaborative performance for dislocate 2009, Tokyo Japan

In one of Dislocate’09 program, a performance session is being held presenting several local artists from Japan and residency artists in Dislocate’09 – Mediations of Locality. In this session I have a chance to meet Kanno So, a media artist from Japan that I met during in Yogyakarta. After a nice reunion, Kanno and I arrange to create a simple audio-visual collaboration for the performance at Loop Line, Sendagaya, Tokyo, Japan, where the performance session will be held.

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