Jogja River Project [project]

Ekspedisi Sungai Jogja in 2011, the beginning of Jogja River Project

Jogja River Project was started from a simple idea of us (lifepatch) to get to ‘know’ and have a ‘closer look’ of our own rivers in Yogyakarta. As citizens who lives in an urban areas, most of us probably have seen the rivers thousands of times, from a bridge.  Many times we heard about it on the news, watched it on television, reading it on the internet whenever there’s something happening on the river. But we never really did actually went there, take a walk beside it, watching the riverbank areas with our own eyes. I personally, have only been to the river once when I conducted a field test class for my university degree. That one time visit happened during my 16 years of stay as citizen in Yogyakarta.
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