Senja Art Exhibition closing [performance]

After the opening performance, the organizer asked us to do another performance for the closing ceremony, 2 days after the opening. Since everyone said yes, we did another performance with (almost) the same set. With Marc Dusjagr also joining us :). We all sat in the center of the exhibition room and sets our instruments there. Dusjagr and me playing some noise and jamming while enjoying the visuals made by JoanPrahara Bumi and manticore (Iyok).

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Senja Art Exhibition opening [performance]

lifepatch + dusjagr opening performance for Senja Art Exhibition

lifepatch + dusjagr opening performance for Senja Art Exhibition

In end of January, lifepatch are invited to participate in Senja Art Exhibition. The organizer asked us to do a workshop and performance for this event. From lifepatch, manticore (Iyok), Joan Prahara Bumi and me did a little jamming session for the session, with Dusjagr joining us for the fun with his DIY instruments :D

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pure data for VJ workshop @ ITS Surabaya

Wednesday 3 March 2010

VJ-Workshop start 16.00 @ Lab. Audio Visual Despro Institute of Technology Sepuluh November Surabaya

Free T-Shirt Printing -2- Free Software Programming

During breakcore_LABS 0.7.2 – cok2cok, we gave  a workshop at Audio Visual Product Design (Despro) Institute of Technology Sepuluh November (ITS) Lab. The workshop was given by Julian Abraham (Togar) and me. The workshop session was held for Pure Data (Pd) software programming for Visual to the students of Visual Despro ITS.

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pure data patches PIDIP for visual

A pure data patch created for visual jockeying purpose. This patch is created by mixing native pure data objects with several chosen PDP (Pure data is Definitely in Pieces) objects. Basically PDP objects uses Quicktime player and open GL in macintosh OS X as medium to display the outputs. This patch however, has been modified to be user friendly as it could be learn and control easily for VJing purpose.

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highlight party at Jogja National Museum [performance]

In the end of 2008, I have the opportunities to do a live visual projection for Taring Padi’s 10th anniversary party. Taring Padi is a community base artist initiative based in Yogyakarta Indonesia. The party is called Highlight and was held in Jogja National Museum Hall.

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squareGEM – pd patch

This patch could be use for visual purpose interacting with sound input in computer. Using basic objects from pure data, the patch could manipulate basic objects such as square, triangle, cube, sphere, etc. The visual outputs of the patch will be vary depending on the sound input and also user’s control on the patch. This patch is actually my favorite since it was developed with a simple concept on generating object using pure data. However, this patch is not user friendly to those of you unfamiliar with pure data Continue reading

live visual toys at LIP [performance]

An sound performance between MIDIjunkie and Electrocore, and an experimental visual performance by vjnumberone held at Culture Centre France de Yogyakarta (LIP) for a video screening event by Denis Brun. Denis Brun is a video artist from France that displayed all the works he have been creating in the LIP gallery. The performance itself took at the auditorium of LIP in February 2007.

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VJing in hello disco

Hello Disco is a music event held by Energy Room, a DJ clan in Yogyakarta. In this event, Energy Room gathered domestic DJs from all over Indonesia to entertain Yogyakarta’s Dance Music Scene. In this Visual jockeying, we simply use a CCTV for a spy camera which can be easily bought nowadays. With a very generic equipment, we try to explore the aesthetic visual composition between analogue objects using affordable digital technology.

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football game for visual? [performance]

Got bored with playing the usual way. One of our friends just bought a new console and everyone can’t wait to get their hands on it. Since we already said yes to the invitation to trip in, an electronic music event organized by Energy Room, we might as well “play” while we “play”. A visual composition using several animation movies, and of course a football game while we’re jockeying.