[performance/instument] Senjatajahanam: Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch for Jogja Biennale XIII

Senjatajahanam - Wukir Suryadi x Lifepatch - Andreas Siagian

Senjatajahanam, a collaboration between Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch in Jogja Biennale XIII, 2016. The instrument was performed by Wukir Suryadi and Andreas Siagian the opening performance of Jogja Biennale in Jogja National Museum.


One out of two instrument as a result of a collaboration between Wukir Suryadi and Lifepatch in Jogja Biennale XIII

More info in Lifepatch’s website: [[>>link<<]]

[residency] The Instrument Builders Project – NGV, Melbourne Australia 2014

IBP 3 profile pic

Curator Kristi Monfries and Joel Stern with the studio residency artists of The Instrument Builders Project 3rd Iteration in National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne 2014

During the exhibition period of The Instrument Builders Project in National Gallery of Victoria, 4 artists from Australia are working with 3 artists from Indonesia in a studio work to build new instruments as part of the third iteration of The Instrument Builders Project. The studio residency artists are Michael Candy, Dale Gorfinkel, Lintang Radittya, Andreas Siagian, Wukir Suryadi, Pia Van Gelder, Tintin Wulia. More information on the residency can be found in The Instrument Builders Project website [[>>here<<]].

[instrument/installation] The Instrument Builders Project Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Australia

Andreas Siagian playing Glassbell, The Instrument Builders Project in NGV Melbourne

Playing Glassbell, The Instrument Builders Project exhibition opening in NGV Melbourne, Australia, 1 November 2014

During 1 – 23 November I participated as exhibiting artist in The Instrument Builders Project Exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Australia. This exhibition presents selected works from the two iterations of the project done in Yogyakarta. Exhibiting artists in this exhibition are: Peter Blamey, Mas Wibowo, Michael Candy, Caitlin Franzmann, Dale Gorfinkel, Jompet Kuswidananto, Dylan Martorell, Andreas Siagian, Wukir Suryadi, Tintin Wulia, Asep Nata.

Mountain Operated Synth (MOS) a collaboration with Michael Candy (AU), Pia Van Gelder (AU); along with Glassbell a collaboration with Asep Nata and me are two collaboration works that was selected as part of the exhibition. . More information about can be found in IBP website [[>>here<<]].

Instrument Builders Project [performance] in Muslihat – OK. Video Festival 2013

A performance I did with Wukir Suryadi as part of “The Instrument Builders Project” participation for Muslihat | OK. Video Festival 2013. The performance was conducted in the Conference Room of Galeri Nasional Indonesia (Indonesia National Gallery) after a session of discussion, led by Kristi Monfries (the curator of this project) and moderated by Leonhard Bartolomeus (ruangrupa).

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Yogyakarta Soundscape in Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 2013 [article]

Jogja Soundscape - Artikel Kedaulatan Rakyat - Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 2013

I participated in a ‘Yogyakarta Soundscape’ project, part of the 25th ‘Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 2013’ (Yogyakarta Art Festival). The project invites 6 artists to create soundscapes which will be played in public venues in Yogyakarta. The venues are: Adisucipto airport, Malioboro Mall, Ambarrukmo Plaza, Ngasem Market, Malioboro Street, Bus Trans Jogja. The 6 artists are: Andreas Siagian, Ari Wulu, Jimmy Mahardhika, Risky Summerbee, and Wukir Suryadi in collaboration with Aim Adinegara. Above is a screen shot of the article published by Kedaulatan Rakyat, a daily newspaper in Yogyakarta. Original link to the article here.