Hex Oscillator using 40106 [tutorial]

As we can see in Quad Oscillator using 4093, combining some oscillators is quite fun. It gives layers on our sounds and gives a sense of thickness on it. Besides Nand-Gate, we can also uses Schmitt-trigger (inverter) as oscillators using the same (more or less) logic. One of the most popular and easy to found chips out there is the 40106 hex-schmitt triggers which means it contain 6 inverters that each one of them can be easily turn as oscillators. There’s loads and loads of tutorials using these chip, I followed the flux monkey tutorials and modify it bellow. Check out the video to hear how it sound above. :D


40106 hex-oscillator schematic

*Note: You can change R1, R2, R3, R7, R8, R9 with potentiometers to control the oscillator

Part List:

  • 40106 IC
  • Resistor: 6 x 100K, 2 x 10K, 2 x 1K
  • Capacitor: 2 x 100nF, 2 x 47nF, 3 x 10nF
  • 3.5 mini audio jack
  • 9V Battery Clip
  • Switch On/Off (optional)

*Note: playaround with different value and type of capacitor to get the sound you want.

Board Layout

40106 hex-oscillator pcb layout

PCB Print (inverted)

40106 hex-oscillator pcb print inverted

40106 pinout

40106 pinout diagram



EagleCAD files:

Hex-Oscillator EagleCAD Schematic File [>>download<<]

Hex-Oscillator EagleCAD Board File [>>download<<]


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