[residency/project] ancientMSG

A three weeks live art project organised by Gertrude Contemporary, a collaboration of 4 Indonesian artists and 4 Australian artists, curated and produced by Kristi Monfries of the Volcanic Winds. The result is presented in 1 hour of live collaborative performance of all participating artist.

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[installation/instrument] MOS – an instrument for Merapi

Mountain Operated Synthesizer

During my participation in The Instrument Builders Project, I did a collaboration with Michael Candy and Pia van Gelder to create MOS (Mountain Operated Synthesizer). The instrument which took form as an installation was responding the environment condition of the mountain such of the air and earth and make them audible. MOS was installed in post 2 of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta, Indonesia in July 2013.

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Jogja River Project – Winanga 2012


Jogja River Project participants of the Right Team crossing Winanga River

One year after Ekspedisi Sungai Jogja 2011, we thought it would be great to compare Code River with the other rivers in Yogyakarta. Code River is one of the three main river that runs through the Yogyakarta city, with Winanga and Gajahwong located on the west and east respectively from where Code is. Our friend Zaeni from Cantigi Indonesia posted some gorgeous photos taken from the upstream part of Winanga River. The photos were tempting us to do another visit and so we choose Winanga River as our next destination.

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Hex Oscillator using 40106 [tutorial]

As we can see in Quad Oscillator using 4093, combining some oscillators is quite fun. It gives layers on our sounds and gives a sense of thickness on it. Besides Nand-Gate, we can also uses Schmitt-trigger (inverter) as oscillators using the same (more or less) logic. One of the most popular and easy to found chips out there is the 40106 hex-schmitt triggers which means it contain 6 inverters that each one of them can be easily turn as oscillators. There’s loads and loads of tutorials using these chip, I followed the flux monkey tutorials and modify it bellow. Check out the video to hear how it sound above. :D

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Quad Oscillator using 4093 [tutorial]

After SITS oscillator, let’s try making combining some oscillators into one sound output. There’s many ways for us to build a lo-fi instruments from cheap electronics part that we can easily find in the nearest electronic store on our town. For an example is the Quad 2-input NAND gate CD4093 (Integrated Circuit / IC) which is only about Rp. 2000,-. Like the name, this IC have 4 nand gate which each of the gate can be easily transform as an oscillator. The oscillator will produce square wave sound as Nandgate produce binary signals as the output. There are many tutorials about using this IC, my personal favorite is micro-noise from Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (SGMK) and this simple 4 block Quad Oscillator from Flux monkey which I highly recommend for those of you would like to learn basic understanding on oscillators. In this post, I’m sharing the Quad osc that I modified from flux monkey along with schematics, PCB layout and print in EagleCAD files. Check the video above to see how it sounds. :)

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Moist Sense by lifepatch [installation]

As lifepatch, we did an audiovisual installation in the group exhibition of Dance Your Eyes Festival 2012, Bandung, Indonesia. The exhibition was taken place in Gedung Indonesia Menggugat, an old historical building from the Dutch colonial era. In this group exhibition we present “Moist Sense”, an installation that tries to present the health of plants from their supply of water.

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lifepatch at BioArtNergy, 2012 [installation]

MI:SC in Bioartnergy, Jogja National Museum Galley 2012

In October 2012, lifepatch was invited for an art science exhibition, part of an event called Bioartnergy. This event was organized by Agriculture Faculty of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta, one of lifepatch’s main collaborator. In this exhibition, UGM asked us to make several installation works, responding 6x6m room. So we thought of making 3 installations responding to the theme of the events.

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nomusiqdesigners x squaresolid [performance]

During my visit in Toluca Mexico, I met a musician who called himself nomusiqdesigners. He was attending my pd workshops in Art Faculty of Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. During our meetings we exchanges information and found something in common in music preference. AUTECHRE!

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Smoking with Cigarettes Wedding [visual projection]

When I was in Pekanbaru, Riau, Sumatra, I met El, a guy who used active in underground movement of Yogyakarta. He was about my age and even tho his face looks familiar, we never actually talked when he was still in Yogyakarta. And it was ages ago, like back in 1998-2002. So anyway, he now live in Pekanbaru and have a band called Cigarettes Wedding.

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